UFO Follows Plane

by paranormalwarehouse
UFO Follows Plane

Like something out of a twilight zone episode a passenger on a plane flying over Britain captured a strange video of a mysterious object flying close to his passenger jet. I personally am not the biggest fan of flying, so the idea of anything coming close to my plane would be more than unsettling.


The small bright object flew at a slightly lower elevation than the plane seemingly matching the jets speed. As quickly as it appeared, the object suddenly ducked out of sight.

The footage which was originally captured in 2015 has resurrected thanks to the internet, and extraterrestrial enthusiasts are screaming, UFO!  Around the time this footage was captured, a large number of UFO reports began popping up across Britain. The original video has yet to be analyzed, which leads some skeptics to believe the video could have been doctored to add the UFO effect.

Do you think this video truly captured a UFO, or do you think some trickery is afoot? Let us know in the comments below!

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