UFO Over Denver

by paranormalwarehouse
UFO over denver

Channel 9News received a multitude of calls from people stating that they have witnessed UFO over Denver Colorado. The scene was described as a series of lights flying in synch at an extremely high altitude. People took to the case quickly and eventually received news that a group of 12 C-17 cargo jets has left Joint Charleston base around 7 p.m. EST Saturday. The jets were flying cross country in a training exercise involving HALO drop high altitude military parachuting.

Although these claims can be backed up by multiple air military installations some people are not buying it. The internet has taken up arms and is doing its best to debunk the military explanation. It seems like most of these stories end this way, but only time will tell what really happened in the sky over Denver on the 9th of December.


Rodriguez, Jacob. “Here’s What Those Weird Flashing Lights over Denver Were.” 9News, 9News, 10 Dec. 2017, www.9news.com/news/weird/everyone-wants-to-know-what-those-flashing-lights-were-flying-over-denver/498333607.

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