Ufologist Claims To Have Found Extraterrestrial Ruins On Mars

by paranormalwarehouse
ruins on mars

UFO researcher, Joe White, claims to have found remnants of an ancient civilization on Mars. The photo which was taken by the Curiosity Rover in the Gale crater displays a rock that does look strangely like the side of a face. Joe believes the statue must have been a memorial to a meaningful being from an ancient civilization.

ruins on mars

It does look like the Sphinx… sorta

When looking at the rock, it is undeniable that the object does have a resemblance to the Sphinx of Egypt. That being said, we can’t help but think the rock is simply a rock. Having been involved in paranormal research for many years, we can tell you that the strangest object can look like a face. While we would love for the object to be alien, we are going to take a pass on this picture.

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