Viral Ghost Photo Is Probably Just A Tree


A photo was recently taken in Northern New Jersey within the Stokes State Forest. While some would dismiss this photo as a lovely image of a campfire, others are see something more frightening.

Apparition Or Tree

The photographer of the image claims to have captured an apparition beside the fire. A white mist looking similar in shape to a body can be viewed on the left side of the photo.

ghost photo

While some are jumping on the paranormal bandwagon, other are more skeptic. From a silhouette of a tree to smoke from the fire, skeptics have thrown out a plethora of options to debunk the ghostly claims.

Ourselves at Paranormal Warehouse are voting on a tree. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Paradox. “In the American Woods Took a Picture of a Spooky Ghost.” The Mice Times of Asia, 12 May 2018,

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