During a police raid at an Indonesian karaoke bar,  a photo was taken that sent chills down the internets spine. The alleged viral paranormal photo displays an image of a woman that is unarguably creepy. The picture shows the woman having a dark appearance with two glowing white eyes.

Looking for answers, a paranormal investigator named Ahmad Hasyim was interviewed by Detik on his thoughts on the photo.

Viral Paranormal Photo“So when the photo was taken, (the being) covered up the face of the woman.”

Hasyim added that the apparition was a jinn, and Islamic genie, who was able to take the shape of a kuntilanak which is a female vampiric ghost in Indonesian mythology.

Looking like Samara from The Ring, it seemed like Haysim was on to something until the local police department shed some light on the situation. According to the police, the jinn was merely a woman wearing a black floral pattern veil. Que the “Womp Womp”

Although we feel sorry for Hasyim and his reputation, we are happy to spread the word of yet another debunked viral paranormal photo.




Source: “Paranormal ‘Expert’ Confirms Viral Photo of Freaky ‘Ghost’ to Be Authentic; It Wasn’t.” Coconuts Jakarta, 2 Jan. 2018, coconuts.co/Jakarta/news/paranormal-expert-confirms-viral-photo-freaky-ghost-authentic-wasn’t/.

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