Voices Saying “Let Me Out” at Ware Church


The following video was captured by the Cambridge Ghost Hunters and has been peaking the interest of paranormal enthusiasts across the internet. The video takes place at Cold Christmas Church near Ware England. The old church has been known for its paranormal happenings for years, making it a beacon for paranormal researchers. The video details various potential paranormal activities such as unexplained lights, temperature changes, and a chilling voice thought to be saying “let me out.”

Craig Jones, the lead investigator of The Cambridge Ghost Hunters, is quoted as saying “The story behind the church is around Christmas – a lot of children died because of the freezing temperatures. It has been known to have people doing witchcraft and devil worship at the church. It was extremely cold hitting temperatures of under -8C.”

Voices Saying "Let Me Out"


What do you think of the video? Let us know in the comments below if the church is haunted, or only a fantastic piece of preserved history?


Torre, Berny. “Ghost Hunters Record Eerie Voices Saying ‘Let Me out’ at Ware Church.”Hertfordshire Mercury, 27 Dec. 2017, www.hertfordshiremercury.co.uk/news/ghost-hunters-record-eerie-voices-980403.

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