Want To Be The Next Big Horror Filmmaker?

by Chris Bregenzer

Most of us in the paranormal community don’t mind a horror movie every now and again.  New Line Cinema and The Conjuring and Aquaman director James Wan apparently don’t mind a good horror movie either.  The two are partnering to create a competition horror reality series!

Think you got what it takes to create the next big horror movie?  Well, listen up!

The competition will be a 13 episode run and executive produced by WAn and his Atomic Monster production company, with production banner Magical Elves.


“I can’t wait to discover the next, new talent in horror,” Wan said.  “This competition is an exciting opportunity for up-and-coming horror directors to get noticed by the industry and audiences alike.”

A little rundown of how the series will take place:  13 filmmakers will be picked by a panel of leading horror directors, producers, writers, and executives.  The contestants will have the crucial task of creating the best and most horror-filled short films possible. The chosen winner will get a once-in-a-lifetime development deal with New Line!

How cool is that?!

“New Line has a proud history of horror and we’re eager to partner with filmmaker James Wan, Atomic Monster and Stage 13 to discover the boldest new voices in the genre that will thrill and excite audiences everywhere,” New Line president-COO Richard Brener and president-chief content officer Carolyn Blackwood said in a joint statement.

“We want to discover the storytellers who are going to push the genre further and drive a new generation in horror fandom,” said Stage 13 senior VP and GM Diana Mogollon.  “Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, James Wan and the team at Atomic Monster are leaders in this space and we’re thrilled to be part of this project.”

For all of you out there who LOVE horror and think they have a shot at becoming the next big horror movie director/creator, jump on this opportunity!  It can be life changing!



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