We’ve got ourselves another possible ghost caught on camera!  Well, we got ourselves a mist flying through the air that everyone is saying is a ghost…

Don’t get me wrong, London and more specifically the Tower of London has a vast history attached to it seeing how it is over a thousand years old.  Originally, the castle itself was used as a prison and a place of execution during its early history.  Which many can say accounts for the ghosts that may haunt the Tower.

Aside from some Queens that were jailed and some in which were killed there, the last known person to be executed was a German spy named Joseph Jacobs by firing squad.

Now after that quick history lesson, very quick, we want you to take a look at what was captured on camera:

So?  What do you think?

The video was captured by Paranormal Investigator Mark Vernon during a visit to the Tower of London in June.  Vernon was quoted in saying, “I could feel the presence…it’s like a little electrical shock when a presence comes close to me.”

Vernon also claims as while he was filming the “ghostly” figure, the battery on his camera ran out.  Vernon also added, “I have filmed inside there and caught other stuff on camera as well as recording electronic voice phenomena.”

Well, we will just let this one sit and see if you actually think it’s paranormal or maybe just a bug too close to the lens flying by…



Source:  Staff, Inside Edition. “Is This a Ghost Floating Over the Tower of London?” Inside Edition, Inside Edition, 12 June 2018, www.insideedition.com/ghost-floating-over-tower-london-44077.

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