If you are not aware of the story behind The Winchester Mystery House and its eccentric owner, Sarah Winchester, you are missing out on a bizarre tale. Being stricken with grief widow Winchester moves to California to begin construction on a building that would continue to stump people to this day. The Winchester Mystery House is filled with insane design choices including hundreds of room, stairs that go nowhere, and doors leading out to nothing.  Sarah claims that she continued construction on the house to keep the spirits in the home confused and unable to harm anyone. If you are looking for a detailed backstory on the house, you can check out our episode of Paranormal History where we detail the specifics of the insane build.

In regards to the move, we have high hope that it will tell a decent story with some solid scares to go along with them. Although we are sure the long arm of Hollywood will embellish the story a great deal, we just hope the additions leave us with a chill when leaving the theatre.

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