Zak Bagans is feeling some serious backlash from the paranormal community after his recent run-in with everyone’s favorite doll, Annabelle. During their Halloween special, the Ghost Adventures Crew had the rare experience of meeting the doll face to face. Being allegedly possessed by evil spirits, there are very specific protocols for handling Annabelle. The protocol for the handling of the doll was mentioned many times throughout the episode leaving paranormal enthusiasts appalled when Zak actually touched the dolls foot. Many people, along with myself, immediately went towards the show and its ratings. The team must have known such an action would get some serious attention from not only their niche community but a much broader audience including fans of the popular films featuring the haunted doll. Zak’s story, however, tells a very different tale.

Zak describes an experience many people would consider to be a possession. Zak describes himself as a sensitive person who can experience the energies around intensely. He stated that spirits can influence him physically and emotionally at times even influencing his behavior. During his time with Annabelle Zak describes being affected by the evil entities within the doll. He references feeling connected with the doll multiple times and overtimes moves physically closer to the doll.  Zak describes the moment of making contact with the dolls foot as being completely influenced by Annabelle. As if she wanted him to touch her foot Zak was uncontrollably compelled to do so.

In my opinion, I can’t help but think the who ordeal was simply to bring ratings to the show. Having such strict rules surrounding the containment of Annabelle, the fact that the doll was removed from the glass case was slightly ridiculous. Although I have never personally experienced such an extreme connection with the afterlife, I can’t help but think the story was embellished. Being such a beloved television show by many, I am sure this upset from the community will quickly fade and Zak and the team will be back at the tippy top. As they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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