Zak Bagans Shells Out $310,000 For Ghostbuster Memorabilia

by paranormalwarehouse

Our boy Zak Bagans is in the news again with a hefty paranormal purchase. The Ghost Adventures host recently shelled out $310,000 for a large number of Ghostbuster memorabilia.

When asked about his purchase, Zak had the following to say.

“I’m a die-hard Ghostbusters fan and being able to actually own the screen-used Hero Ghost Trap prop, used for all the close-up and special effects scene in both Ghostbusters films is like a dream come true.

“I grew up watching Ghostbusters and wanted to be one… look at what I’m doing now!

“Except instead of Slimer, I’m hunting real ghosts and demons!

“I was sad when he passed away” while discussing the late Harold Ramis, “but I think he would think it’s very cool to have his whole costume on display at my Haunted Museum next to the Ghost Trap for paranormal fans to appreciate!

“This is where all this stuff belongs.”

zak bagans museum


I know I am speaking for Breggs as well, but I am a huge Ghostbuster fan! I have many times searched eBay to look for some cool Ghostbuster gear that I damn well know I can’t afford. If I had some Ghost Adventure cash, I would probably be joining Zak Bagans in building a mass collection to immortalize my favorite paranormal investigators.

With the teaser trailer of the new Ghostbuster 3 movie dropped myself, and I am sure many paranormal enthusiasts, will begin to catch the Ghostbuster fever. While I will not comment on the most recent reboot of the series, I will say that I am excited to hear that the series will be a continuation of its roots.  From what I have heard most recently, Bill Murray has not yet signed on to the deal, but I have hopes to see the original team back together with Egon there to guide them is spirit.

Source: Todisco, Eric, and Julie Jordan. “Ghost Adventures’ Zak Bagans Buys $310K Worth of Ghostbusters Memorabilia: ‘I’m a Diehard Fan.’”, 3 Oct. 2019,

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